Monday, December 13, 2010

Secret Santa!! We had a Secret Santa!!!

WOW! As most of you know things have been difficult for us financially! Patrick worked for 2 weeks selling newspapers and got $35 for freezing his rear off. I was sitting upstairs feeling destitute when he walked in with a few Christmas cards. One, from a "secret Santa", contained a generous check; I started sobbing. 
Because of my nature (the sucker that is born every minute) I have been fleeced by every person who could possibly manage it -- not of course by my real friends, but by people who seemed real.  I had money, and when I had it I gave away as much as I could -- I had about 25 charities I gave to each year and now I'm the one needing help.  Well, I never fancied myself the Queen of Society in any case, but I never imagined facing homelessness or even moving, ever!

I want to express my deepest thanks to OUR SECRET SANTA for this life saving gift. We were so low and frightened -- literally indigent -- when we received it, and to feel that somewhere out there somebody cared enough for us to reach out in such a fashion touched me so profoundly it set off those "will to live" hormones which keep failing me.  It also set off the tears of joy/pain that love brings. They didn't even want any acknowledgment (although I have my guesses!!), just to help us.  That is a lovely example of a Visitation from the Spirit of Christmas!  God Bless Us, Every One!!!

So this week has begun well -- last week ended with me having a Pro Bono Lawyer literally fall into my lap, and today, along with Patrick's check for $35, we had a Secret Santa!  

Life is Beautiful.

As I have said to others -- forgive me for bleeding all over you while we go through what millions others are silently enduring.  I'm not going to be quiet.  I'm not going to be ashamed.  I will be one of the voices of outrage that need to be heard in this nation, which, as Keith Olbermann says, is ON FIRE.

Anyway, here's to those that Love and show it.  Here's to those who reach out to their friends in times of darkness.  Here's to all those who keep us in their hearts even though they are feeling as helpless as we do!  Thanks, Santas -- we love you!  And y'all come and celebrate with us Christmas night!  Any old time will be all right, whether for dinner or just a bite.  All we wanna do is hug you tight!!  (spontaneous rhyming is a sign of bipolar disorder).  I used to practice this form of daughter torture!)