Saturday, December 18, 2010


Oh mercy --  just heard that ol' Joe Liebermann, Independent from CT, spearheaded the successful repudiation of the discriminatory DADT law that has forced Americans of different sexual orientations than the norm to hide within a culture that SAYS it values truth above all else.

First of all, Senator Liebermann, this does NOT get you off my own personal hooks for all the ways you have sabotaged progress the last few years -- but it sure does help.  Hat's off to you, sir.

I have been waiting for this day as proof that we as Americans had any grace, any goodness, any fairness left in our hearts for those who would fight and die for us, whether gay or straight or any combination thereof.  We're all so different, and this American society, despite what some think, is NOT a monotheistic, straight society of only heterosexual white people.

That would be the 1950's -- one of the most culturally boring times in recent history.  I was there, so you can't tell me it wasn't!!

This is a short post -- my overwhelming joy forced me to do it.  I am so happy for all these Margaret Witts and Dan Chois of the  military, these brilliant, superlative people whose chief desire is to be allowed back in.  Who the hell are those who prefer NOT to be our warrior class to stand in their way?

Glory Hallelujah -- we got it right this time.  I think.  And thanks, Connecticut Senator Liebermann -- you aren't the complete hound I thought you'd become.  Huzzah!!