Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Mr. President -- August 11, 2010

Dear Mr. President,

Please watch Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on 08-10-2010.

There are those of us --YOUR BASE!! - who though we may be absolutely definitely thrilled with your Initial Charge-have wished you'd had another term as a  Senator, really learning the skill of negotiating before you put yourself and OUR FUTURES on the line. The Base are much more like the so-called "Professional Left" than you and Mr. Gibbs might think, and tired of seeing the people manipulated into forgetting WHY they elected you.  Seems as though you yourself have.

I have nothing but admiration for you but I think that you have second-guessed yourself and your Base into a hole.  We, while very much here, are not thrilled with your willingness to over-compromise.  This is deeply disturbing considering the great reforms you have made.

Every time you may make a compromise that feels wrong somehow for you/us youare modeling passivity to your people. To use conscious compromise as a diplomatic tool is one thing: to BE compromised, to BE a "tool" is quite another. Without meaning to Sir, you are beginning to have the appearance of one who has
compromised beyond what was necessary or appropriate; We the People are the Big Losers.

You could still salvage your Presidency if you would just follow your instincts; if you start to get a little fuzzy consult with Alan Grayson, Ms. Pelosi, Howard Dean, etc.  They will remind you that you will never be accepted, liked or tolerated by the GOP for any reason what-so-ever.  No 18 holes on the Golf Course for the likes of you.


I hope you will make decisions that are more productive for those American like myself. Your BASE! I believe that all you will get from the Dinosaurs/GOP is a big, loud, gun toting, sneering NOOOOOO!!!!  Or to quote "John of Orange" Boehner (K Olbermann <3<3)  who screamed until the blood vessels beneath his fake tan bulged so hard he turned into a very odd shade, like a blood-orange.  Appropriate.  And what did would be "Speaker" Boehner SCREAM:  "HELL NO YOU CAN'T"

Can't what?  Can't ANYTHING, from what your base can tell.  I think the ideal of bi-partisanship is at this point in history just an ideal. I wish I could say we show any capacity for it, but I don't.

My mama always taught me that the Democrats ARE THE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE -- of the weak, sick, immigrants, children, mentally ill -- I have bipolar disorder; I can't fight for myself -- I am asking YOU to be MY President - we aren't just the PROFESSIONAL LEFT -many of us are just progressives – scared, sick, and newly poor.

I watched you roar into Office at one of the worst, the very worst times of our Nation's history -- with the Courage of a Lion, the Wisdom of Solomon, the Patience of Job -  but where's the fire in the belly?  You are one of the most intelligent Presidents we have EVER had, but your desire for gentility is not serving anyone well.

I was watching graphics showing the effects of the Stimulus on Rachel Maddow last night.  They tracked it very carefully -- as you predicted, things started very well, but since the damned GOP sat on the funds, the embers of recovery are flickering and dying.  YOU KNEW WHY A STIMULUS PACKAGE, A REAL ONE WOULD HAVE SUCCESFULLY STOKED OUR FINANCIAL ENGINE  as the so-called "auto bailout" re-energized our Dinosaur-like and doomed auto industry.

You should be taking a few victory laps about DETROIT, you should be out there talking about The Stimulus Package again -- its results, what it WOULD have been or COULD have been -- and then get in there and propose:

Dear Mr. President,

Part Two!  (Letters to White House = 2500 characters only - my original was more like 8000.)

We are falling far behind the Chinese and the Saudis re the Green Agenda: it is obvious that both GOP and DEM "Servants of the People" are in the pockets of Big Oil or Pharma,  hitching themselves to the pockets full of money, ignoring that we live in a time of great peril: Mother Earth will be just fine, but if YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CLIMATE CHANGE BILL -- jump-start the damned thing again, WE will not be.

You have all the right instincts: just don't be afraid of them!  Except for continuing the Patriot Act among other things WE don't get, like Extraordinary Rendition! Old Bush-Era Violations of our Constitutional Rights -- how many, who knows?  The hits just keep on coming.

I love you, you and your beautiful family.  I am old enough to be your Auntie.  I am very very proud of you. Don't get discouraged.  We, your Base, DO want more - Mr. Gibbs was wrong in one sense, but was right in that we are HERE. It's the CHANGE message that's tattered. Hope has taken a real beating as well.  And we definitely are NOT satisfied, because we all know you have one term to do your big stuff in, keep your promises:  DADT, Mortgage Meltdowns, the whole laundry list.

UNTIL YOU GIVE PEOPLE SOMETHING that addresses their plights -- the banking/housing/mortgage thing so that the 20 - 25% of us who are in trouble with our mortgages can get real help you look like you ALL made a big, big mistake; the pricetag = the tears and fears of We the People and the tattering and shattering of our once “great” society.

Did it NEVER EVER OCCUR to anyone at all simply to pay everyone's mortgage instead bailing out fat greedy banks? Why not take care of the Aunties and Grannies? Then the banks would've gotten all the money anyway and homeowners would be ok. Seems simple; I must be missing something.

I personally have been tortured by Wamu/Chase for 18 months now. Every few months they close my file w/o telling me why-then my Rep (I have paid to have help with this "free" (just costs you your sanity) procedure which doesn't work anyway.  I have BiPolar Disorder; the stress of this has been too difficult to handle) and I have to give them the 2 bank statements, every document all over again. 18 months of this nonsense, no reports as to WHY they declined us!!  WAKE UP, MR. PRESIDENT:  Those banks like BofA and Chase have no intention AT ALL of helping out the "little people".

I was a very sickly BiPolar single Stay at Home Mom; I don't have much Social Security. Two girls raised SUCCESSFULLY - ONE A COLUMBIA GRAD, ONE FROM NYU/TISCH GETTING MASTER'S AS CLASSICAL ACTOR in London (daddy’s dime) yet because of my disabilities (too many to list) and those of my partner (autistic spectrum -- who knew??) I don't know if I will make it or not, relative to saving my own home, life or sanity.

How did this happen to me and my fellow citizens, some of us among the weakest of the weak? May there be Mercy of some sort; still the GOP has ice in their vain veins and I'm not looking in their direction.
"Defeat O" is all they have on their minds, the fools.  Bi-Partisanship means we/the
Prog-Libs get to live,although the way things are going I wouldn't bet MY life on that.

Julie Bryant