Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Job Prowl - It's a Weird World out There!

hahaha! Patrick's on Craigslist doing the daily job prowl.  Stumbled across an ad for a "traffic instructor" and was seriously considering it, as I lay helpless with laughter oh I so love that man.  still giggling -- well, at least I'm laughing -- this man has accidents!  In cars!  On bikes.  On motorcycles.  On foot.

He is one more accident away from -- well never mind, it's just scary. I'm equally accident-prone (there's crutches in the garage just for me) but (knock on wood) not with cars, not so far.  But back to Patrick, no no no, my dear no to that one!! God help us all! We've got to know our own liabilities.

Equally absurd would be for me to work at something in the early morning. Or in the morning at all.

As far as I am concerned, that should be in the articles of the  Geneva Convention - no work must be forced upon a person that is not in accordance with that person's natural bodily rhythms -- something like that. I kick into gear around 2 pm, get really cranking by 7, and have to be forced into bed at 2 or 3 am, usually by one or the other of my daughters, both living many miles journey from my village -- but still these rascals catch me studying online at obscenely late, asleep-on-keyboard hours as they are into their morning hours.  They know my game.

Even from freaking Europe, they can see me.  But it works both ways, that techno bit. I love the technology that keeps us connected with all those people that you care about from whom you are separated from by -- Life.  There are so many many times in my life where I have had to shrug my shoulders, mumbling about non-attachment while another cycle of life ends and a person or people disappear for some reason -- it happens all the time.  Even to me; sometimes I think especially to me.

Of course my perspective is skewed; I do know that!  We've been in the 'Julie's 9 year period of Plutonian 'transformation' stew" for years now.  Are we cooked yet?  Oh good lord yes yes yes make it stop!!!  The thing about Plutonan periods is (people who haven't made a study of astrology and are skeptical of same, y'all skip on over the next few ruminations) they are LONG.  The thing about Plutonian periods involving mmm 8 planets & asteroids is that they are even LONGER.  Your goose gets just that many more years to cook, and simmering in this fashion is NOT NOT NOT fun.  Those of you who understand, will -- those of you who don't, never mind.  The gist of it becomes clear within a few years of reading the tortured ramblings of a poor demented soul going through such a passage.  Enjoy!