Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Still February Third and I'm --

I'm having an absolute fit here because I can't find a way, as a Californian citizen, a denizen of the fair state of California of communicating with a House or Senate member of another state -- and thus it is around our nation. I don't like that. So many times I have wanted to say, for example: "Teddy Kennedy, get your hands off of my compounded bio-identical hormones!", but can I? No, no -- there are barriers everywhere to state to state communication, more's the pity. I mean, certainly they have the work and the opinions of their constituents to regard first, all of those Senators and Representatives -- but it seems to me that some sensitivity to cultural weather their legislation might be stirring up in other parts of the country could be fostered.

All this because I want to shriek at John McCain for being such a churl to the President. He accepted a dinner thrown in his honor. He declined a Super Bowl invitation -- now THAT I understand -- on Rachel Maddow's show, I believe it was Anne Marie Cox who said that an old man needs to have some quiet, to be able to rewind the machine and turn the sound to 11 -- and really watch his damned game. Okay, fine. But since the President has been such a gentleman, it would seem incumbent upon him to at least be gentlemanly back. But he's not. He is REALLY not. Senator McCain, after accepting all of this kindness on the part of Mr. Obama is behaving badly by going out of his way to impugn Mr. Obama's honor. I think that's nuts, because the President has so far shown himself to be sincerely drawn to the horrors and honors of high office not for reasons of power, but for true service. I believe this.

I used to believe the same was true of Senator McCain. I once thought so highly of him, so highly that as a Democrat who'd never voted for a Republican, when considering voting for him it didn't make all the Light in my Heart turn dark. I liked him, honestly I did. But he's gone and been Gollumed. Spell it how you like it, but you know what I mean. I saw him admit it to Jon Stewart one night. Jon, after they had talked for a while and it was obvious that McCain had drunk the Bushko Koolaid, said to Senator McCain something like: "Senator, have you gone over to the dark side?" Senator McCain looked at him and paused for a moment and spoke what I knew absolutely to be the Truth: "well Jon, it looks as though I have" or some such thing that meant YES YES. From that time on he was rarely out of Bush' embrace. Ewwwwwwwwww, sorry. He is just beginning to tick me off, and he's not doing himself OR his party any good at all.