Sunday, February 8, 2009

The President Deserves a Chance, so Back Off!!

I think, (perhaps because I NEED to) that History has a way of producing, when the world is in extremis, extraordinary people of great character to to take on the tests at hand. I believe that President Obama is one of those people. I believe that he has a lot to learn,yes. But he has been smart enough to surround himself with people like (love him!) Joe Biden and (love her!) Hillary Clinton, who DO have more experience. Mr. Obama has shown himself to be remarkably astute when it comes to following the real Will of the People, and I believe that he really does know he has a limited amount of time to steady the Ship of State.

Truthfully, it's the PEOPLE I worry about -- yammer yammer, yak yak, pick a little talk a little pick a little talk a little -- christ they're about to pick this guy to pieces and it's only been a few weeks. The American People have their Collective Panties in a bunch, and I'm personally sick of it. This is the best candidate, man or woman, that we've had in the Oval Office in years, and EVERYBODY PLEASE WOULD YOU CONTROL YOURSELVES???? YES, HE'S READY, ALREADY!! Big Bill Clinton was right -- nobody is ever really prepared for the job. So shut the f*ck up, PLEASE, and let the guy plus his gorgeous wife and those beautiful cupcake daughters fill our collective misery up with yummy chocolate sprinkles of HOPE!!

Yep, I will say that the way-too-early critiques of our newly minted trying as hard as ever he could President really tick me off. I saw a poll online that made me nuts. It was a poll that seemed to pick apart the President disrespectfully soon after taking office. My response was written in a semi-fit, yeah, certainly, I will admit that. -- he has done so much!! Who else has ever had such a well planned entry? Aaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!! What do they want from him?