Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tyler Perry and Racial Profiling

I heard that Actor/Producer Tyler Perry was stopped by the police for absolutely NOTHING the other week and then saw him giving an interview about this encounter. My apologies to Mr. Perry, a most intelligent, accomplished, successful man. I am ashamed to have skin color in common with those violent meat-heads that stopped him.

I feel we're in big trouble, heading into Police State territory, and we'd better look sharp, all of us, and try to help our fellows.  I know what it feels like to be frightened by the police, though on a minor basis.  Once,  while my companion and I were returning a rental vehicle at midnight, we were stopped by a single police-man. It was terrifying, and I felt his immediate presumption of "guilty until proven innocent." His tone was suspicious, harsh, and terrifying.  It felt as though WE were being accosted by a criminal.

"Get OUT of the car. STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR." Next he  had my boyfriend up against the vehicle while he patted him down.

The guy was a freaking dentist, for god's sake. But in that moment, I got it. I really, really got it.

My god what a country this is, that cops hired to protect us can be our worst enemies, and will stop harass, frighten ordinary human beings for no reason at all.  As we have seen so frequently, even "pretend" cops can even  harm or kill a person for no reason but skin color/just because they can.  What if Mr. Perry hadn't been famous, but simply an ordinary (or not!) man of color? Things might've gone down much differently that night.  Fortunately he KNEW that and put on the submissive ACT of another era. It's a damned good thing he's an actor.

Somehow I don't think he would have been stopped dressed up like "Madea" (hahahaha - forgive the joke, please!). This, to me, means it's the same stale macho white man stomping on the black man poison. That surely says a lot about how far we've come as a nation since the Civil War -- not very. Those same white old dinosaurs are calling or firing the shots -- literally these days.

Yes, it's great to have our first black President - I love our Prez and his family. He is trying so hard, and has been met with so much hatred, vitriol and threats of violence. I was astonished as Mitch (turtle-head) McConnell smirked while he stated that his one desire was to make sure that Mr. Obama would be a one term President. As we have noticed, the GOP HAS put all its intention on defaming, and derailing our President's vision.  Most of us think racism has a lot to do with this.

If those ol' boys want to hold back one black man, they want to hold back all of them except for a few symbols, tokens  that make them seem color-blind.  As if.  Sad to say, having our first black President has brought out the worst in the skinheads, neo-Nazis, survivalists and all the fringe elements of the right. Unfortunately they seem to be multiplying all too rapidly.

Before my mother died in 1994, saying she'd seen enough of where the world was heading, she told me she thought there would be another targeting of African Americans soon. Since our President was elected, it's as though the trolls, demons, orcs, creeps, zombies and all the evil that lurks in the heart of mankind has come once again to poison what we thought would become a far "more perfect union", as our President wrote.

I thought we were further along than this.  To Mr. Perry, this sort of thing makes me ashamed of my race, although slimy cops perhaps are their own species. To my President - they have done everything to stop all the good you have tried to accomplish, while the POLICE STATE grows yearly, threatening us all.

To quote the Buffalo Springfield from a song written during a similar time in our history:

"For What It's Worth":

"There's somethin' happenin' here,
 What it is ain't exactly clear
 There's a man with a gun over there
 Tellin' me I got to beware

 I think we stop, children, what's that sound?
 Everybody look what's goin' down