Monday, May 21, 2012

Mean Mitt Romney

It seems that I respond most urgently when something arises in America the Beautiful that I fear, dislike, worry about and am suspicious of. And oh Mitt Romney, I grow weary of you. I tire of your imperial stylings and superior ways.

We have looked for clues in your facade, and now there are plenty. Today I'd say we have hard evidence of what has been more clear daily -- it's why nobody EVER liked him. He hides behind his tight little smile and the suits. He is the ultimate Robo-Suit, our Mitt. And Mitt Romney is mean.

Have you noticed how he goes OFF when anyone dares query him? I've witnessed him lash out at reporters frequently when he doesn't like the question.  I don't like him.  I don't like his smirk, his pretense at a smile, the radiant angelic look he puts on.  You can almost see his false freaking halo.
Despite his sometimes angelic, prep boy look, I have never seen him able to deal positively with a challenging question, no matter how cheerfully it's put, or how straight and upfront the questioner might be. He is condescension personified.  He is sarcastic, nasty, and utterly abrasive.  I don't think he can feel the pain of those he considers his inferiors, and to people of that sort we ALL are. Don't be fooled by this guy. There's nothing there there except the urge to dominate the Country.  He's no healer.

Why does he want to be President? Well, power of course; I think that's a given for all of them. That particular urge is dominant in just a relatively few men. They don't have to be good, scrupulous people, as I was always brainwashed to think they were. Mitt Romney is first and foremost a man of business, rather like Ebeneezer Scrooge.  People who favor business as an occupation tend to nurture their treasure chest rather than the people who work for them.  "Greed is good," right?

He is waaay too much like old Scrooge! He is a Master Surgeon of Business, who will NEVER feel anything but satisfaction as he practices his dark art to destroy Government, to mess with the rights of the infirm, sick, elderly -- the vulnerable, impoverished people of America.  He will gleefully balance the budget on the back of the poor, as is often said. He will starve Government to death, ignoring the fact that GOVERNMENT JOBS ARE JOBS!!  I ask you, what is wrong with these people? What kind of human being consciously destroys aid for the "surplus population" and smiles when he does it?

He is a "severe" practitioner of Surgical Business!  Beware, all ye who are the disabled, the mentally ill and those given a body that is not um of the fair, firm and white variety. He will cut us to the bone, slicing off what he sees as the rotten flesh (weak people; bad debt) and separating it (US) from the Body instead of allowing the healing of the Body as a whole.

That's his way. He doesn't care, he can't see beyond his world, he feels superior to everyone not in his little universe. His world is private, double veiled by the secret, arcane world of his church and his position as one of the richest men in America.

He's like a pre-enlightened Siddhartha, a prince of Ancient India who had never been allowed to leave his palace for fear he be affected by the poverty, decay and wretchedness of common people.  Before he left his palace he was merely a spoiled princeling who had no idea what the world was really like.  When he insisted upon leaving the safety of his home, he saw all the sickness, poverty, hunger, suffering and death in the world outside his luxurious and cloistered court. In that place all signs of suffering were kept from him, so seeing the world outside was a massive shock. He experienced a great Enlightenment.

In another story that begins similarly, the rich man never leaves his palace, is a spoiled "gentleman" and the Master of all who surround him.  He doesn't truly serve his people but exploits them.  He has no enlightenment experience as he is cosseted in his many mansions and never sees the poor.  Perhaps he acts as a patron and public servant in the context of his own church, The Church of Latterday Saints, which is one of America's strangest forms of "Christianity". Most forms of Christianity sell "service" to their fellowship, but we do know is that he's no "public servant".  For so many years he has concentrated on running for President and ruining people's lives at Bain Capital.

Nobody could ever mistake Mitt for a servant of anything -- every smirk, sneer and false smile tells you that. He looks at the People's Entitlements like a shark looks at a seal. Like a surgeon, he wants to get the job done, cut and sew up the body politic, discard the decayed rubbish and be off.  Trouble is, that rubbish will be the ever weaker, undermined people of the United States, and that will include many of  US.  Is this what we really, truly want?

That's how he was at Bain and that is how he would be as a President.  I could go on about Women, Gays and all of our minorities, but I think we all have a pretty clear idea of Mean Mitt Romney's feelings.  He doesn't have any. He reminds me of a robotized being, an alien in a suit.

Oh! And then there was the Leadership he showed when he and his Prep School Posse attacked a younger, weaker boy to the point where his screams and pleas for help were heard by others too afraid to jump in.  This attack was called "savage" by many of the men who took part in it; all of them remembered the incident decades after it occurred. Only would-be "Fearless Leader" Romney didn't seem to recall the life-changing attack on that young man, nor any of the other "harmless pranks" he played.  Nor does the would-be President have a care for the people whose lives he has trashed financially.

Way to go, Christian Soldier, way to go.