Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Yahweh or No Way" -- or the Crackly Male Voices of the Old Desert Gods

My partner and I, delicate types, have been on the cusp of the recession, which crushed us like a wave crashing, slamming into a surfer, having having a massive, devastating affect on everything about our lives from 2007 on. I have literally dropped off the cliff from relative wealth to indigence with poor health and no insurance. Having been stricken on all levels, I'm writing to rally myself! I am writing no matter what my audience might be as I cannot help myself.

The world is changing so very rapidly now, and so few people talk about the things I see. I might as well get it out there, else I will burst. There are things that want to be said, that must be said. Things are happening in this country so quickly -- union busters seek to rob from the poor while giving yet more in unnecessary indulgences to the rich -- like thieves in the night these jackals come to steal the raw soul of our country.

Although Mother Earth is poisoned, her creatures dying off by the hundreds and thousands -- we humans, stoked on by the crackly male voice of old desert Gods, resist limiting our species with sane methods like birth control.  We prefer war, plagues, and pestilence and capital punishment -- or at least it seems that way to me.

I wish that it were easy to escape from Life when it got too hard, but we're not supposed to do that, I hear it said.  I just sometimes wish there were a "game over" button when you just feel you've had enough heartache, disappointment, etc.  But hey -- so far I still have my house and having just realized I've had a huge amount of money taken from me, I have hopes of keeping it.  I know so many of you are in the same position, and it hurts to know that.

We're working two Farmers' Markets a week now, and the people there are worried as hell.  It's Christmas time and sales are slow, even in Sausalito CA today.  It's my belief that we're in a depression, no matter what the Pols (as opposed to "polls"; poles; or )say.  I keep reading about more jobs being shipped overseas by the Greedheads, while the GOP tries to decimate government jobs.  On what planet does this make sense??  In what way does the elimination of jobs serve to create jobs??

Someone -- enlighten me, please!  In the meantime, why doesn't anyone care that Mr. John Boehner, a politician that GOP TV personality Morning Joe Scarborough called a "lazy drunk", got to be SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE??? No wonder all he can slur is Noooooo.

And this man's stated goal for all Americans, whether WE (meaning me too, because cold and hunger are now appearing at this house) want it or not, is to make President Obama a one-term President.  I was born in a very minimalist shack on the outskirts of old Gold Rush County.  On my birth certificate my dad was listed as a "ditch digger" although he later got his GED,  graduated from college and got his real estate broker's license as well.

I was never cold or hungry.  Never, not until now.

After pulling this country out of its broken, bleeding economy and giving us 3 million + jobs, ending the Iraqi war not to mention the life of Osama Bin Laden, after beginning to mend the errors of the techno-phobic 19th century style gentlemen who inhabit Washington DC, busily ruining our lives -- what possible excuse is there for the U.S. not to give Mr. Obama (no he is not perfect; I don't care) a second term, just to see what he can do without all the resitance, hopefully-- or at least without a good part of it?

Senator Mitchell and Speaker Boehner are simply put, LOSERS and they, like the mythical suicide-lemmings, are leading their Caucus to disaster, along with all the rest of us.  And they are at least SOMEWHAT familiar with the rules of governance.  The new candidates are a joke.  The only suitable candidate ready to "Occupy the White House" is, in my opinion, already there.

As for the Senate/House in your neck of the woods -- do due diligence, figure out who is truly obviously corrupt, talk/listen to the new faces who want to replace the old faces -- and then, throw the bums out!!

PS:  I MUST attribute the "Yahweh or No Way" quote to Stephen Colbert, although I thought of it somewhere along that time too.  Honestly!  I love you, Stephen!!!