Sunday, February 24, 2013

Post Short Sale

Well, hello strangers -- what a looong strange trip it definitely has been.  Since I've last seen you, the ax has fallen, the guillotine too, and every other symbol of a sudden violent ending of one life.  There is renewal available, I hear, and deep and real happiness. Or so I've been told.  I've been writing the occasional, actual article over at, so come on over and see me.

However, I've found that I need someplace wherein to mumble and groan just a bit, for the times they are a changing, and I don't much like what I see.  I need a place for informality,where it is understood that if I use all CAPS it really DOES mean I am shouting.  I get angry these days, and must find some way of expressing that! In the world of "real" journalism that sort of thing matters, but in my own special world I shall do as I please.

Paradox, pair o' ducks, what difference does it make?  Sooo I think I'm coming back to the Wood (this blog) though I've been kicked out of it by the Bank.  "It furthers one to cross the Great Water" (I Ching) and I think it furthers one to cross the small water too. And so we have.

In the new American tradition of robbing the poor to prop up the rich, my family has been taken advantage of, and 2 people with a basketful of flaming mental illnesses burgled.  "America, America, God Sheds His Grace on Thee, and Crowns Thy Good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea."

Yes, indeedy.  Then why do the ranks of our people swell with toothless, decaying, poor folk who suddenly don't have a chance?  I've unexpectedly joined them, and it is something else. If we want to buy anything, we have to think about it.  2 phones?  Impossible.  Movies?  No.  A new computer to replace this poor thing I've banged to death?  Nope.  Well. Sadly I know there are so many worse off than me.  I've seen so many teenagers homeless in freezing weather, bundled against the cold, walking through the nights in packs together.  Aieeee, America, what have you done to your children?

I've been wanting to chat over here since I started Allvoices, so here I come, beginning with a muted hello, as the cats and husband have collapsed into sleepy land, and they are luring me too; it is literally impossible to resist.

Lots o' love, 
Julie Bryant