Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back from Enforced Blogging "Holiday"!!

Okay, this "not writing because I need to save my life" thing isn't working for me.  My eldest daughter, the beauteous, firm Athena/Artemis like Pacifica, cracks the whip on her crazy mama while being  "freshly pressed" on Wordpress TWO TIMES in the last few months.  That rarely if EVER happens. But it did to my sweet baby doll, a photo-journalist of a unique sort.

Hearing this gets my writing genes frothing at their little mouths, but alas another task has been set for me. I speak of the forensic analysis of the books of my dead "child" -- ie "the house I built just before the crash" which wiped out my worldly possessions, most family relations and left me high and dry with the good sense of a gopher trying to get to a Marijuana plant in a container.

However, Pacifica said: "Now mommy, NO BLOGGING until your project is finished." Because of my mental instability and because "he who must not be named" was supposed to do the damned books and didn't and won't -- if I want to see any of the money back from what was supposed to be a 50/50 partnership, I had to go through every damned receipt from three years of a doomed but gorgeous house, my baby, my beloved. Sniffle. Funny how

Go ahead, laugh all you want. I don't blame you! But I've already got a hole in my head, and I've seen all around me the evidence that what news commentators are saying -- that the folks sliding into the upper echelons of income don't really care about seeing the rest of us fall, as long as THEY are okay. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself in one of the persons I loved most. But you see, I suppose I am an excellent example of the Fool in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

The Fool in the Tarot Cards is represented in many ways. Many think he is a Spirit character, head lost in thought while he steps into another dimension -- others take him for a person rather like myself, who simply isn't looking where he/she is going and -- SPLAT. I used to favor the first way of thought and now I am truly not so sure, speaking now as I am to you from a puddle over a cliff. SPLAT, INDEED.

But I can't bear the way the words are backing up in me, and how they are coming from all parts of me:  the political, the desperate, the philosophical, the bipolar maniac (whose mere letters to loved ones I'm somewhat annoyed with seem to burn like acid), and I don't know why. Twitter is a place I LOVE as i can shoot my little 140 character bullets in rapid fire when I'm enraged, for example with the GOP take down of Unions through the country, or the attacks on education, equal opportunity, CHOICE, and all the freedoms being stripped away from us in a 3 card Monte game where it's pretended THEY are losing freedoms.

Seriously, I am not joking. If you really think there's a whole lot of "opportunity" going on take a look at where opportunity starts -- education and equal rights. Lately it seems those educated jobs are being shipped out because the POWERS THAT BE do not give a good god-damn whether the populace is educated or not. What difference does it make in a global economy? Who cares if the country you have one of your half dozen mansions in has good security for ALL the people when you can buy your own security? Who cares about the education of the masses when you can send your kids to fine schools? Who cares about education when 'bots are waiting to take it all over??

Also, let us face this clearly: a less educated society is a more brutal, more malleable society. People become more easy to push around with words of hell and damnation and "Don't Tread on Me" -- oh puleeze. The sight of those yahoos "lockin' and loadin'" to try to scare the Prez and the populace made me sick -- victory through intimidation, morons? Aiiiieee, I am bitter, I admit it. The brighter side of bipolar will be visiting again.

Today I am depressed. We've all been reading an article about America having the most income disparity among the classes than most "civilized" countries including most of Europe. My friends, we have totally been had by our slave-meisters, the 1% who own close to 50% of the wealth. Start reading, people -- many people in the Arab nations had been wondering when we Americans would wake up to our OWN "Arab Spring"!!

They consider US, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to lack freedoms and opportunities, just as they do. They do not consider us "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". They think that we, the country WE consider a lighthouse of freedom, is arthritic, grid-locked, and freaking incapable of change. The obstinacy of the GOP re Obama's picks for judiciary, etc. have gone by without an up or down vote -- want to know why?

It has been agreed among the upper echelons of the GOP that if they hold out long enough and maybe Obama isn't elected again, they can pack the judiciary with Republicans and our hope for a Democracy where both sides are debated, and compromised will disappear, possibly forever. Our chances to recover from that for generations are slim.

We are sliding towards the military-industrial-Congressional complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. By the way -- he included "Congressional" in that speech but the word was stricken out by a minion of some sort -- however our current political machinery is just what that good gentleman warned us about. If you take a look around, today's Republicans don't even consider REAGAN, their former GOD, particularly relevant. How did THAT happen in two years?

Selfishness is a more prevalent human characteristic than I'd ever thought, no matter how many times I've read and re-read Dickens "A Christmas Carol"! I am not sanguine about our future, as the Goblins are ruining the forests and the Orcs are running the businesses and as the bumper-sticker said: "Frodo Lost the Ring."

But wait! Not again! Could it be that my President, who has pulled goodness from devastation over and over, has displayed the old magic as he stepped back and tricked the LEADERS of the Republicans like John Boehner and Eric Cantor into showing which side of the income/Class barrier they are on?

In truth the GOP is on the side of the rich, and they have grabbed huge clumps of the badly educated population and taught them that the big ol' American issues are God, Guns & Gays! So instead of a reasonable debate, we get verbal insanity, religious fervor, the threat of violence and no sense of willingness to examine another Point of View, and that's not what I grew up thinking we Americans were all about..

Written 10-06-11