Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Email From President Barack Obama

Hello out there! 

Guess who received a more or less personal email from someone in the White House calling himself "Barack Obama"? Hint:The letter was on the email equivalent of formal stationery and was addressed, simply to "Dear Julie". He thanked me for writing him, which means somebody there read it, somebody or other. 

A few months ago I wrote one of many letters to my President, as I like to feel I can chat with him from time to time.  I tell him my troubles, which are so great right now and oh I feel so very small.  Sometimes I praise him, sometimes I give him a piece of my mind, but I always do it as though somewhere there is someone really listening.

They choose letters for him which are representative of the People, and I like to think that maybe once my letter had been in front of him. Great to get an email; I write many letters to the Prez -- not all of them complimentary, let me say. It felt fantastic to get a response that felt somewhat specific. It  made me feel I could hang on one more day; maybe Hope is still on the way, and there's still fight left in me.
I told him of my woes -  mental illness, partner with a learning disability or two, in foreclosure, financially  abused by a close relative, no conservator or anyone solid to help me, fighting to save my house, no heat for 3 years, sometimes hungry -- and I received an email from Mr. Obama. (well c'mon, this is a busy guy, I don't care if this was a form letter -- I've never gotten an answer from any other letter I've written to him so this feels special!)

Whether HE or someone acting in his Office read my letter or not, I don't know - but I was heard, and it felt good.  That teeny, tiny little symbol just above the text of the letter below is the Seal of the President of the United States of America, which naturally they have devised a way to keep people like me from copying, but trust me, it's there!!  I have left the space in the document as it was, even though I can't make the Presidential Seal appear, no matter what program I use!  Here it is:

Presidential Seal
January 25, 2011

Dear Julie:

Thank you for taking the time to write.  I have been moved by many Americans' letters describing their personal challenges, and I appreciate your sharing your experiences with me.  

I am working diligently every day to address the hardships people like you are facing.  Across our Nation, families are grappling with many difficult issues, including family separation or illness, job losses, difficulty in paying the mortgage or rent, and staggering medical bills.  It took many years to create our Nation's current challenges, and it will take time to bring about the changes our families need.

We have already begun building a solid foundation to help overcome the real struggles Americans are experiencing.  The changes we are making will help strengthen our communities and families, create or save millions of jobs, and fund much-needed reforms to our health care and education systems.

As we work together to improve the lives of all Americans, please know that the trials and triumphs of Americans like you motivate my Administration to work even harder to overcome the challenges before us.  I am confident we will emerge from these tough times stronger than before with a renewed promise of a better future for all.  

Information on jobs, child care, health benefits, housing assistance, and other public resources available to those in need can be found by calling 1-(800)-FEDINFO or by visiting:  Thank you again for writing.


Barack Obama

Pretty cool, eh?  I thought so -- especially because he gave me resources.  I desperately need to marshal my forces as the wolves circle.  I felt a little better, just a little.  This is truly a completely different communication than I have EVER had with the White House, bearing the Seal and the White House Logo -- a woman can dream that perhaps her President might see her letter.  I suppose stranger things I have happened!  In fact, I know they have!  Rest well, Mr. O -- you have the toughest job in the world, I believe, particularly because you are trying to do it right.